A Man And His Tights (A Love Story)

I don’t go big on the MAMIL look, but autumn runs aren’t perfect without my tights

I reckon that there’s a lot not to like about autumn.  

There are lots of little things to loathe, instead: like having to switch from drying clothes ecologically on the line to radiators, or an energy-guzzling, tumble dryer.*

Bath towels and shower mats no longer dry themselves magically; you’re waking up in the dark again and then – one suddenly pitch-black October evening – discovering that all the light bulbs you didn’t use throughout the summer are nevertheless not working.

But there’s one thing I love about autumn: braving the cold and wet, with my running tights on. 

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I’m Not A Health ‘Freak’, We’re Supposed To Be Fit At 50

For years I feared that I was weird and narcissistic for exercising regularly, but science says humans just aren’t designed to take it easy

An older man runs in a wood
Image: Dominic Winkel/pixabay

THIS WEEK, like the majority of the world, I’m getting back to the same old, same old.

Like nearly everyone else, I’m working again. Like lots of us, I’m trying for a Dry – or at least a Moist January.

Yesterday, I made a point of getting outside and exercising, throwing my leg over the bike for the first proper ride of 2020.  

But perhaps less positively, every morning this week, I’ve disappeared anxiously down a rabbit warren of health-related stories on the BBC website.

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