about theshit50s

A blog and survival guide for 50-somethings, theshit50s.org is free, funny, and sweary therapy that helps you find the silver linings in getting older. Here are just a few excerpts from the main blog…

‘Do you even lift, Bro?’  is what my son always says when I announce that I’m going to do some weights.”

From Uplifted – Just From Lifting Weights

For me, being fifty-something is all about the acquisition of what you might call ironic hair.”

From Grey Minge

Dealing with modern business is making us stressed and unhappy – it’s time capitalism did more of the work.”

From I’m Not A Customer, I’m A Wallet/Slave

They say that you never stop learning, and what I learned today is – I fucking hate spreading bagels.”

From Spread Your Love Like A Bagel

Six months ago, my son was kicked out of school and heading off the rails. Yesterday, he got 10 good GCSEs – mainly because we were middle-class and entitled enough to turn it around.”

From How We Saved Our Son

What am I like? It’s 10 o’clock on Friday morning and already I’m thinking about a beer.”

From Friday, I’ve Got Lager On My Mind

The first thing I’d say about having depression is that it’s a terrible waste of time. And sometimes it feels that I have wasted most of my life fighting it.”

From The Story Of The Blues (Part One)

With this country’s biggest cataclysm since Dunkirk gathering, Her Outdoors has moved decisively to ensure that we can still get properly pissed – no matter what happens after October 31.”

From Brexit – Fucking With Your Five A Day