All This Ageing Well Is Killing Us

Staying fit at 50 is bloody painful – but it’s better than the alternative

Injured knee dreams of running

THE MISSUS AND I both woke up this morning crippled – in our different ways.
For me, it was a screaming knee, banjaxed from a three-mile run yesterday.
For her, it was throbbing feet: mangled by dancing in heels at a banging Gary Numan gig.  
She was also – as befits her instinctive embrace of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle – hungover from drinking too much wine before, during and after the show.
Meanwhile, despite a blameless, booze-less, low-salt, night in, I was appalled to have a shocking headache of my own – the result of cutting out caffeine too drastically.
And then it occurred to me: trying to stay young was killing us both…

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Friday, I’ve Got Lager On My Mind

My blood pressure, weight and cholesterol are all up – but I’m struggling to cut down 

A healthy blood pressure reading
Image: Mohamed Hassan/pixabay

WHAT AM I LIKE? It’s 10 o’clock on Friday morning and already I’m thinking about a beer.
In my defence, it’s because I haven’t had one for – hang on, let me work it out – eighty-five hours.
It’s because I am trying – again – to live a soberer and healthier life. Because, this time, my GP is telling me to.

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