(Don’t) Push It

Trying to change career in my 50s is giving me panic attacks on top of my midlife crisis. I need to remember that I still have time to change.

Pete Tong, Arthur Fowler, Jacques Chirac and Leon Haywood in a shed, thinking about social media

I COULDN’T HELP IT –  I had to get out of the house.

My pulse was quickening, and I felt light-headed and anxious. So I slung a leg over the bike and raced to the allotment.

Like Arthur Fowler, I know that when things go well and truly Pete Tong, it’s time to head down Me Shed.

But why did I need consoling?

I’d been on Facebook promoting this blog, you see. And social media always does strange things to me…

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I’m Not A Customer, I’m A Wallet/Slave

Dealing with modern business is making us stressed and unhappy – it’s time capitalism did more of the work

pickpocket stealing a wallet

I DID a mega-workout this morning: it was awful.
It took me about an hour and a half and has left me feeling like I have been 10 rounds with a Cage Fighter.
I have knots in my shoulders, my breathing is shallow and panicked, and I feel a low, eerie, sense of dread – like Van Helsing, when Dracula in Bat Form flies somewhere into the building.
Above all, I need – as the Fairy Godmother said in the peerless Shrek 2 – “something deep fried and smothered in chocolate.”
So what hellish activity have I been doing? Spin? Cross Training? Milfit? Hot Yoga?
No: I’ve just been shopping for stuff on The Internet.

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