Work It?

CHANGE is coming to how we work. But at my age, I’m not getting my hopes up

A roadworks sign

YOU CAN TELL a lot about what a person is thinking from the books they buy.
Out of all the volumes in all the shop yesterday, I chose
1) a volume of cricket history,
2) Jog On: How Running Saved My Life, and
3) a memoir about how being a teacher is wonderful, and life-affirming.  
And what my choices tell us is:
1) I feel a need for comfort and certainty;
2) I really want to run again regularly, and fervently hope to get over my depression; 
3) I am still fantasising about getting a ‘proper’ job as a teacher, despite quitting within a month last time I tried.
But perhaps even more interesting was the book I picked up and didn’t buy: Not Working: Why We Have To Stop, by Josh Cohen.
As I weighed it in my hand I thought: I know what this is aboutThis is about giving up our pointless jobs and doing what we really want with our lives. *
And then I put it down again, quickly, because I couldn’t bear to read that.

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