Building A Sporting Dynasty – Eventually

It took a long time to raise an athlete, but I got there in the end… 

A rugby team huddle

THERE’S A VIDEO from the weekend that I can’t stop looking at – because it shows the fulfilment of a 19-year dream.

It shows the moment my son became… a Player.

In the clip, his blue-shirted figure piles into a rugby ruck and bumps the opposition off the ball. Seconds later, his team-mates pick it up and drive over the line for a try.

There’s commentary on the clip, too. Very poor, shouted commentary, which is not impartial or informed in the slightest.

In it, I am roaring: ‘Up again (Name Withheld)! Up again!

“Yes, drive it! YES!!!!”

There follows a cry of almost orgasmic satisfaction from behind the camera.

I very much doubt that I have bellowed louder, or with greater joy – maybe not even at the very moment in late 2002 that his Mum and I created little Name Withheld.

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