It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

Do the ‘scandalous’ scrums at Europe’s tourist attractions this summer herald the end of Western civilisation itself?  

Crowds around Little Mermaid

WOULD YOU put up with a two-hour, six-queue, wait for just 30 seconds with the Mona Lisa?
Would you fancy being ‘treated like cattle’ by staff at The Louvre – in order to squint at the tiny 77 x 53cm painting from three metres away, before being ushered away seconds later?
I wouldn’t either – but it’s what the 30,000 souls who queue each day to see the Da Vinci masterpiece have been enduring, according to Trip Advisor and The Guardian.
Recent feedback described visitors’ experience of the world’s most popular museum as stressful and shocking, “horrendous”, “scandalous”, and “a letdown”.
“Just skip it,” concluded another – which is a phrase that is, increasingly, is becoming a mantra for surviving modern life.

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