Uplifted – From Lifting Weights

Working out isn’t just for kids, meatheads, and steroid abusers – it’s keeping me happy and fit at 50

Up arrow with weightlifting arm

“DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRO?”  is what my son always says when I announce that I’m going to do some weights in the Top Room.

Like much of what has come out of his mouth since he was eight, the phrase: “Do You Even lift…?” is an ironic Internet meme; this one raising an eyebrow at my athletic pretensions.

According to Q&A website Quora ‘Do you even lift..?.’

is usually said when a man tries to do something that requires physical strength and fails or has delusions of grandeur about being able to perform an act that requires physical strength that the man clearly does not have.

Now, that’s unfair. I may be knocking on, but I can lift. Some.

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