Spread Your Love Like A Bagel

I’ve not had that much white stuff on my hands since…

Spreading cheese on bagels

THEY SAY that you never stop learning, and what I learned today is – I fucking hate spreading bagels.

Now that The Youngest is in the thick of his GCSEs, however, he needs convenient and abundant fuel to take into school with him, ready to stuff into his maw at a moment’s notice.

So, like working mums and dads across the land, I get up early every morning to make the day’s tasty, nutritious, value-for-money lunches.

Around 7am, I knock out a simple cheese and salad sandwich – Mmmn, hmmn, breadmaker bread – for my daughter to take to work.

Then I turn to the mountain of food our (Six Feet Two) littlest needs to get him through the day.

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